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Last updated August 2013

Actual age: 2.5 yo

Clothing: 3T

Shoes: 6-7 US = 6-6.5 UK

Favourite activities: running, jumping, biking (at daycare), playing with cars, balls, tote bags/backpacks, colouring, and reading.

Favourite characters: Thomas the tank engine, Lightning McQueen/Mater (from Disney’s Cars, although she’s NEVER seen the movie! thank you, daycare friends!), Daniel Tiger, Caillou (both from PBS Kids shows) and Hello Kitty.

Toys/education/development: She absolutely loves singing, and is able to pick up and/or make-up a song on the spot. She loves books but still needs them to be relatively short. She’s abandoned her wooden puzzles as they are far too easy for her; she’s done well with a 3-9 piece big-girl puzzle it is still hard for her. She also loves stickers, which we give her in small doses to avoid a sticky minefield in the living room 🙂 She also loves Play-doh. When colouring she uses crayons, pencil crayons, and washable markers at daycare. She draws various shapes but also does well with colouring books.

Allergic to peanuts


One response to “babyNyLon info

  1. Gd 2 get ideas. Will look out 4 stroller footmuff. Thought we had r chns at the back of the hotpress but cant find it. They r gr8, so comfy and warm. X

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