daddyNyLon and mommyNyLon have been married since 09.09.03 and in the spring of 2010 were “NyLons” commuting between New York City and London, when we found out there would be a babyNyLon. daddyNyLon rejoined mommyNyLon in New York City and in January 2011 our beautiful little girl was born. She lights up our lives and spent her first year at home taking care of daddyNyLon while mommyNyLon worked.

We had to make a difficult choice at the end of 2011, and daddyNyLon has had to return to work in London. Since mommyNyLon’s work was 3/4 of the way through a project, we felt it was best for the family long-term for babyNyLon and mommyNyLon to stay in NYC until it is more or less finished. So we are NyLons once more, spending stupid amounts of time and money on inter-continental travel!

babyNylon has her own blog and Twitter identity. You can find her here. This site is a home for mommyNyLon’s thoughts on mommyhood and work and life in general.


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