Are we “normal” yet?

The bigger I get, the less normal anything feels. But at least I can say that we’re settling in and finding our groove. I can drive now, babyNyLon is only crying for a short time at daycare, and I’ll even get to go see the hospital for our second babyNyLon’s arrival this week! Better yet, they’ve scheduled me for an ultrasound since I don’t have records for that (just a few print-outs) so we’ll get to see him at t-minus 6 wks.

The house is still a ways away from what we’d like it to look like by Christmas. But a few things have been accomplished, including getting a dresser for babyNyLon so that she doesn’t live out of her Trunki, and transitioning her from a crib to a big-girl bed! It’s bittersweet, but mostly sweet. She doesn’t seem to realise yet that she can get in and out by herself, so when she wants to get up she still calls for us. (Phew.) We still hope to paint her room and a few others, but the house will not be any different for the new baby with holes in the walls and old scratched paint. It would just mean that it probably won’t be done for another 6 months. And you get used to things that aren’t working at 100% as long as they’re doing the job, which they are so far.

ImageBig girl bed being made up for the first time. (And apparently I have the arms of a 70-year-old man!) 

My work is moving along, but very slowly. I’ve had a bunch of emails and a long phone call with my NYC supervisor now and I’ve got a commitment from him to work on it with me solidly. I think the work I’ve done since the move is largely to be redone, but at least I’ve gotten into it. I was wondering if we would need me to take a trip over and I think we’ve concluded now that I don’t have to. That’s a relief, because I can hardly sit in one place for 30 minutes due to my growing tummy right now and it would’ve been a rough trip for an intense few days of work.

But the biggest weight-off so far is one that we didn’t even accomplish ourselves. We now have confirmation that babyNyLon’s Nana and Papa will be here to help at Christmas time (sound the Hallelujah chorus)! All being well, our little bundle of joy will arrive slightly early-to-on-time, and babyNyLon will hang out with N&P playing and basking in Christmas joy while I’m in first terrible pain, followed by exhausted bliss.

Now I’d better put on the kettle, the Christmas radio, and get to that work I was mentioning; there is some sort of deadline looming…

Pics after the ultrasound, I hope!


One response to “Are we “normal” yet?

  1. As always, I love reading your blog. Looking forward to our trip and all the fun we will have. X

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