Sweet daddyNyLon

ImageThe last week- …last two weeks…make that the last long time – have been really stressful. I like to think that I’m good at dealing with stress. If not good, then at least seasoned. Unfortunately this time around I haven’t been dealing with it very well. In fact, I knew that I wasn’t dealing with it well but didn’t know what to do about it. The overwhelming (but not exclusive) problem is that I can’t make everyone happy (ok, logical) but when I am faced with that reality I descend into hyper-stress (not logical or helpful). Anyway it all culminated with a brief admission to the hospital at the end of last week and a scolding by the doctor and daddyNyLon. He had a trip over for the weekend, and thank goodness because I’m sure going alone would’ve amplified the stress. Then he sweetly sent me these beautiful flowers to help me feel better and remind me how much he loves me. Thanks, hubby! I’m feeling better already.


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