Window seat

20130809-103704.jpg What a difference a year makes

After thinking about how fast 10 years have flown by and how little I’ve accomplished in that time (!) I thought it’d be nice to have a measure of a year. These two are actually taken less than a year apart; I estimate the earlier pic was last Sept-Oct. The extra height doesn’t deter her from the window sill at all. Still one of her favourite places, even though I don’t let her up there so much anymore. She always want to see the “sirens” coming to “help people”.


One response to “Window seat

  1. Glynis Dickson

    Don’t underestimate the importance of having a family. Having our chidren has been my greateast achievement and nothing else has come anywhere near that for importance or fulfillment. You and Gareth are in the early days of raising a gorgeous family with lots of exciting times ahead. The height difference in the picture is amazing. Looking forward to seeing the change myself. xx

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