10 years already?!

ImageThat’s right. If you were at our wedding you can pinch yourself because it really, really was ten whole years ago. We considered having a second honeymoon or something to celebrate and decided that we’d much rather have a second reception, especially after several years of limited opportunities to see people, so almost a year ago we started planning a party at Belfast Castle. And if you are reading this blog then you are almost certainly invited to attend. Not sure why you haven’t received your invitation? Well, given our turmoil over the last year the planning was a lot more advanced way back then than it is now, a mere month before the event. But at least a tiny bit of that was intentional as we don’t expect people to travel from far and wide just for an anniversary so didn’t want to send out wedding-style invites. However if you’re looking for a reason to be in a chilly Belfast we would LOVE to have you there and will feed you, force you to look at old photos, and maybe give you a reason to dance 2003-style.

So as I was looking back through our wedding photos to find a pic for this post, I almost was glad that we never got our act together to put our formal album into place. Yes, ten years later our photos are still in the faded brown envelopes that we got them in, sitting somewhere near the beautiful silk-covered (empty) album. At the time we had a hard time selecting which 30/94 images should be left out since the album isn’t large enough for all of them. I think every single year we talked about sitting down to put it together. But we didn’t, and now I think some of the pics have a different feel to them than they did originally. I guess maybe it’s partly because I was young and self-centered but you know how you’re so concerned at the time about how you looked or how crooked your head was in that pic, etc. and then later you don’t even notice.  It really is beautiful to look back at the two of us so young and naive and think about what we had ahead of us. And to look at the photos – especially the group ones – and think of how each of the people have supported us. We’ve been really blessed…but let me save some of the soppy stuff for the party. After all, the wedding was the only time I can remember blubbering in public (and it totally took me by surprise!) so maybe I should make it once a decade. Of course there may be a word or two about babyNyLon in the course of the event, which could easily bring me to tears; happy, sad, or hysterically laughing.

ImageOne of the pics that I found surprisingly emotional was this one of my darling baby-faced hubby, myself, and my in-laws. It’s photos like this where the ten years really sinks in. When we got married we were young and had only one year of courtship (which of course felt like an eternity at the time!) and I didn’t know his family very well. And perhaps you can tell that they were all very young too! When I look at the photo, besides seeing how much they’ve changed (or not) I think about how our relationships have grown and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I think about how different the official family picture will be in September; by October we will all be married so there will be the four spouses, two little girls and…

Image…a big pregnant lady in place of the bride! Yep, there you go. I’m due December 25th hence the cryptic tweet; we’ll have a pair of NyLons at Christmas time!

Our current babyNyLon will need a new moniker so that her little sibling can use hers. Suggestions?


2 responses to “10 years already?!

  1. I love this post! Just been looking through some of your older ones too and they’re all really great – so glad to have this record of this pretty incredible part of our life.

    Looking forward to showing off baby bump in September!! xoxo

  2. Very much enjoyed your latest post. We refer to the pregnancy bump as babysibling. So looking forward to seeing you all.

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