Night terror.

ImageLooks innocent enough…

I truly hope that this is a very brief phase brought on by a few rough nights but over the last few weeks, babyNyLon has had both nightmares and, I think, a couple of night terrors. After a couple of incidents I looked up the difference/chances and it seems that the main factors are that nightmares are in the second half of the night and the child wakes, whereas a real night terror is in the first half of the night (mainly?) and the child is still fully asleep and very agitated, and only gets more agitated if you try to help. The later describes one of our experiences this past weekend, complete with screaming, stiffened muscles, and an inconsolable but apparently still-asleep baby girl. Of course I looked up some info after and found that it’s best if you don’t even touch them or speak because if you do they can think they’re being attacked. But that’s not what my uninformed mommy-brain told me to do so I nearly got beat-up by my sleeping beauty. Thankfully they child doesn’t usually remember a night terror, but the parents sure do and/or are reminded by the bruises if they approach!  Also according to my oh-so-detailed internet research, they can be more common if the child is overly tired (check) and a developmental spurt is pending (double-check). I’ve been very fortunate that babyNyLon is still a good napper and this Saturday was one of the very rare occasions that she didn’t stay asleep but got only 45min (instead of the usual ~3 hrs) due to my ambitious Costco-shopping schedule c/o the newly-restored running stroller. As for the development, she’s growing fast and has recently started to generally get a bit grumpy and gain a bit of weight so I think it might be her little body gearing up for another spurt. Seems like you can never rule that out anyway with the little ones. Whatever the cause I know that some people really struggle with these things and I just hope that it passes quickly.

The regular run-of-the-mill nightmares, on the other hand, I’m thinking might just be either a similar story with the growing or her interpretation of the extra stress in the household over the last month or so. I’m working as much as I can and we’re trying to get the move going in a few weeks’ time so I’m sure that she’s felt a little bit of playtime has been taken away while I work or try to accomplish stuff when she’s at home. I don’t know what she’ll do with herself when she finally does see more of me! But they are disrupting sleep for both of us and we’re both walking around a bit tired these days as a result of several wakings per night. Some from nightmares but admittedly also some because I never learn and she plays with the alarm clock, setting it for 4 am by mistake, at which time I’m too tired to reset it and we go through the same thing the next day! (I think I should just pull the plug on that one.)

Last but not least I wanted to wish daddyNyLon a Happy Father’s Day again – and all of the other daddies in our life. It wasn’t the best having to try to send genuine wishes via cyberspace but for now we again be grateful that we can at least connect that way. babyNyLon carefully constructed a ‘card’ for Dad and then when she got a drop of water on it she asked me to throw it in the trash so she could start again. She wanted to make sure that it was just right, and was very clear about when it was finished. It awaits you in NYC, Dad.  🙂


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