Don’t you hate it when you follow blogs and they don’t update regularly? I know I do… I follow several blogs that post 3-5 times per week and when they need a break it’s like a friend not replying to email! But somehow that didn’t prevent me from taking a hiatus here. And looking back at the page, a post about an exciting upcoming trip followed by no recap of said trip…appalling! Sorry.

In all honesty, I have no excuse for not posting about the trip to Northern Ireland at Easter. It was a fantastic visit with a traumatic travel experience; perfect blog fodder. One involving all of the toddler-travel nightmares commonly catalogued on the internet including a vomit-shower for the two of us in the middle of Penn Station. But I digress. Maybe I’ll come up with some spare time to write about that another day.ImageLoves the suitcases…not the travel.


But very sadly, the main reason for not blogging in recent weeks has been a loss in the family. My sister is a proud and accomplished mommy of four healthy children, and was expecting the birth of her fifth in September. At almost half-way through the pregnancy, they were told that the baby was likely to have Edwards Syndrome, aka Trisomy 18 (see here and here for information). Tests soon confirmed the diagnosis and after a flurry of testing, ultrasounds, arrangements for counseling, etc. I think the family network was all informed and offering support to my sister and her family. But many of those who suffer Edwards Syndrome do not make it to full term and on May 23rd they learned that their little boy had passed. You can read some of my sister’s thoughts throughout on the blog that she kept. We are obviously sad not to get to know him and are thinking and praying for the family and their grief. We fortunately got to visit to try to offer some practical help but I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling helpless when people I love are going through such a difficult time. 

So it’s been quite a somber few weeks, but not without good things – we got to see my beautiful nieces and handsome nephew, along with the rest of the Ottawa family. We also had a visit last weekend from daddy NyLon. All going well it will have been the last visit before he comes to assist with the move. The next few weeks are really crucial at work and I’ll try to update about that really soon.

No promises. (Sorry!)


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