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It’s funny but babyNyLon gets most of her features including her complexion and hair colour from her Norn’Irish daddy and so I’ve spent most of her lifetime looking for me in her. I still haven’t found it in her appearance, but keep hoping that when she gets older I’ll see it. I know she has my genes in there somewhere! When she was a baby I got a lot of comments, even when it was just the two of us, that she must look like her dad. Well, last week the daycare ladies gave me a big boost by saying that she is a mini-me. I was taken aback, (see above) but over the last few days I think I’ve got it. 

She might not look much like me yet, but now that she is more expressive, opinionated and … er … assertive, I can see what they mean. She likes to say ‘sure’ instead of OK. She is particular about her clothes and prizes boots above all else. She loves accessories, even though she isn’t girly, like her umbrella, scarf, hat, etc. She loves to sing and have people sing to her. She loves taking care of people, from helping out with chores to giving band-aids when there’s a boo boo (not to say that I’m the most selfless example she could have, but of course I do those things for her). And she is certainly independent. She has always been pretty stubborn too (understatement for the bottle issue) and now that those terrible twos are here we are learning who blinks first; mommyNyLon or babyNyLon. To be honest I’d let her have whatever she wants all of the time if it didn’t cause a world of trouble later! 


One response to “Mini-me

  1. I always said she has your eyes-right from when we saw her at three weeks old. She certainly is a cutie :-))

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