So a couple of weeks ago I had a real ‘eureka’ moment at work. I’ve had good experimental data for about two years now, gradually getting better and better, and just kept having difficulty with interpreting it. The reasons why are plentiful and complicated, but suffice it to say that when I sat down on that particular Tuesday to try a few things I had no idea that the answer was about to hit me. 

The moment the answer appeared on the screen I knew that it was right. I’ve had many many red herrings over the last year or more, thinking that they were worth my time, but just not. This was different. Mathematically it couldn’t have been a mistake and I could tell at a glance. I looked, rubbed my eyes and looked again. Then I started shaking and I may or may not have shed a tear. The implications for my life, my work, and most importantly the freedom to reunite with daddyNyLon again were just bouncing around in my head. 

I sat for a minute, trying to calm down and to decide if and who to tell first. I didn’t want to tell daddyNyLon and get his hopes up but of course I really wanted to tell him. So I decided to send him a cryptic message with optimism. After calming down I messaged my boss about it. He replied with cautious interest, followed by a long list of suggestions where to go next (thus failing to disguise his enthusiasm). I guess I was too cautious in talking to hubbyG after all because even the next day after sharing my news he didn’t realize that I’d actually really gotten it! 

Well, as a result I’ve got lots and lots to do at work. It’s not an instant answer; more of a gateway to the finish line. But late nights, early mornings, and frantic computer work every time I have a second are a lot easier when the end is in sight. Finally.


One response to “Eureka!

  1. And we all say ‘How fantastic!! Let the light continue to shine’

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