A sigh of relief

This Monday was a low point. I had a particularly bad time with morning routine/drop-off/transit and I had an overwhelmingly sinking feeling. On the way home I was asking myself “what’s the difference between perseverance and being a sucker chasing after a lost cause?”. I’ve not only given up a lot for myself but as a result have impacted daddyNyLon and babyNyLon in a very serious way. To come out the other side not only without anything productive but with a crushed spirit was a prospect too bleak to think about. This year has brought struggles in almost all aspects of my life from work to relationships to faith to health…

But Tuesday was a new day. Trying to give myself a new perspective and to trust that things could get better somehow even if I didn’t know how, I sent a message to daddyNyLon asking for prayer that the tiny glimmer of possible hope in my work (I think I called it a micro iota) would be the start of something good. And guess what?! It was…

More soon.


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