“Happy You Year, Mommy!”

ImageWatching buses is still a favourite pass-time.


Well, after a brief absence I’m trying to resume here with the occasional update. My lack of contact with family and friends has reached drastic proportions and there are some people I don’t hear from anymore at all as a result. But I try my best and until our big move is sorted out, that’s all I can really manage. 

The good news is that we are still doing well. babyNyLon is still wishing people “Happy You Year!” and seems to think that it has a similar meaning to “I love you” since she often says it to me when we are cuddling and she turns my face to look right at her and smiles and says “Happy You Year, Mommy.”. We just finished celebrating her birthday and she is very proud to proclaim that she is two and that she’s a big girl. She’s moved up to the older class at daycare and, although enduring another phase of “Mommy no work!” in the mornings at drop off, is still having a great time there. The teachers tell me that she is sneaky and is always trying to get out of nap when the others are going down. I get the same at home, where her bedtime routine is more and more elaborate, and she often sings several songs and takes an hour to get to sleep. She also requires her flashlight. I don’t think it is because she’s afraid of the dark because she sometimes keeps it off; she just likes to keep it close.  

And speaking of close, we’re making progress on getting the move going. We’ve had several movers in to survey our things for quotes. They say we can arrange it within a couple of weeks of the contract so mid to late Feb, our current estimate, is still a real possibility. Work is moving on. I’ve made a little bit more progress and have a lot more to work on remotely these days, making work from the UK seem more realistic. 

Right now daddyNyLon is visiting for a work conference/birthday trip. And he is working remotely in his firm’s New York office on non-conference days. Being together strangely makes the move feel less urgent. Like we can just stay here the way we are. But I’m sure the reality will strike when he leaves. (Which may or may not be tomorrow, since Heathrow’s problems mean people are getting bumped all over the place.) We’ve also been able to visit with our friends a lot this week. They’re one of the reasons it is so hard to move. We found a group of friends here like we’ve never had before and their love and support has been so encouraging and sustaining that our ‘hardships’ have felt like little blips on our radar as opposed to catastrophes…guess I’m going to have to get much, much better at that keeping-in-touch thing!


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