I was thinking about writing some more about babyNyLon’s words, but the “word explosion” that my pediatrician described when predicting the events of August-January has certainly taken hold so I don’t have the time or the memory to go into detail about what she says. Suffice it to say that some of her favourite phrases are “All set?!” and “Ready to go?!”. We can also add to that list “Mommy, no sing!” and “Daddy, no sing!”. She herself loves to sing, and does not want her version of the songs disrupted by a rogue parent trying to restrict her to the standard lyrics or tune.

She mostly likes the alphabet song (aka ABCDs), Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle twinkle, and a few others like the Happy Birthday song that she’s picked up at daycare. She sings several that I don’t know, and even one in Spanish!

We’re also discovering that if you like something once, then you should hear/see it at least 302 additional times because you already know that it is good. Why risk seeing something that might be terrible, when you can hear Ricky Gervais sing poor sleepy Elmo a rowdy lullaby over and over and over?! And that is why you don’t introduce a 22-month old to YouTube. Well, 98% that and a tiny bit that you don’t want them to be a screen zombie just yet. As it is, with that super amazing toddler memory, she can easily navigate from any other app to “Elmo sleeping” if left unattended with the unlocked iPad. Only the pass code stands between babyNyLon with any mobile device and repetitive muppet watching 😉


One response to “Songbird

  1. Glynis Dickson

    The picture is, of course gorgeous. I just want to cuddle her. Love the singing. Such a cutie.

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