Real lunch

So it’s been a while since I’ve really taken a lunch break. I’ve had all kinds of things interrupting my normal routine but mostly it’s that I’ve been bringing my lunch from home (today included). But when that happens I work pretty much straight through, wolfing down my toddler-container packaged lunch in the hall, and it makes the day seem very long. I can’t complain though. I get stuff done and I avoid the cost and bad weather of my run to a certain coffee peddler.

However, today is beautiful, and I needed the break. When I say that I’m working nonstop at home and work, it’s not in self pity. I like to be busy. But everyone needs just a little break; whatever that means for you. And I know the consequences of not doing it = less productivity overall. Lately I’ve gotten the mind-racing insomnia. Lying in bed composing emails in my head that will never get sent, plotting and scheming to make my work finally push forward, festering over something someone said, did, or didn’t do…none of which I can deal with when exhausted! And my sleep budget is too tight for that. Lastnight I only managed 3.5 hrs. Time for a real lunch today 🙂


One response to “Real lunch

  1. You need to learn to slow down. Personal time is so important. Enjoy your lunch and take an extra 10mins.

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