Making herself clear


I don’t know how good I would be at getting my point across if I could only use three-word phrases. But babyNyLon (aka biggirlNyLon) does a pretty good job. In the last few days I realized that we’re having more conversations, as opposed to simpler exchanges. This morning she told me that her friend, Julia, is moving up to the older toddler class. When I acknowledged what she’d told me, she asked when she will be moving to the older class with her friends, then told me she has fun there with the teacher. Sure enough, when we got to daycare the teacher told me that Julia will be spending her first day in the older toddler class today. babyNyLon also told me that she pushed two of her classmates, and that she shouldn’t push. Hmm…good that she told me, but we’ll have to work on that one!


One response to “Making herself clear

  1. Glynis Dickson

    Really looking forward to having conversations with LO. I have some great ones with my 5 year old children in school, so I reckon I can tone it down a bit for a two year old.

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