One-year old wordsmith

Brief update: As of this morning, our longtime shorthand for one of our favourite items changed. babyNyLon finally graduated from calling them “goghs” to “socks”! In some ways this is as significant as some of her first words. She is amazing at names, and knows all of the staff at her daycare (~20 teachers/admin), most of the baristas at Starbucks, and every single child we pass in and out of our daycare. And unlike the other kids, and most teachers, she insists on using everyone’s full names (ex: a friend Alessandro is called Alé by everyone else and she always says “Alé-saaandro”). Except herself, that is. She uses short form.

Potty training is also going well. No accidents for a few days.

Finally, her favourite new phrase: “[babyNyLon] big girl!”. Can’t argue there!



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