Well, despite having a beautiful babe (today’s pic above) and being closer and closer to our projected NyLon family reunion, the mood lately can only be described as melancholy. We recently had a make-or-break weekend of work (for me), and it went pretty well. I won’t know how well exactly for a little bit but it should’ve been enough to motivate me. However, I think both daddyNyLon and I are starting to show signs of stress; we’re no spring chickens anymore! And it’s been a long 8.5 months apart. In addition, I’m thinking of (Canadian) Thanksgiving this week and Christmas nearing and of spending time visiting family…guess a little wave of homesickness. Wherever home is, that is.

But on the flip side, babyNyLon is fabulous, as always! She just learned to jump, and has counted to 10 and says almost her entire alphabet (saying “no, no!” if you try to chime in and ‘help’). She doesn’t watch the tv yet but thanks to last year’s dancing Christmas gift and a series of mini books she knows Elmo, Big Bird, and The Count. She also loves to declare that she’s funny, that she is running, or that she’s ‘back’ after leaving the room for even a micro second. We won’t get into the complicated potty routine and associated conversations; if you’re looking for that I hear there’s a website devoted to parents who overshare. I hope I’m never on there!

But a little bit of sharing is good. Chatting about babyNyLon and digging out a pic always makes me feel better; maybe I can upgrade now from melancholy to optimistic 🙂


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