Summer is almost over

So I was completely blog free in August and it’s likely to go dark over here again soon; work is crazy and we are hoping to wrap it up at the end of the year so I have to push even harder. Since the last post we’ve had two great visits, seen the London Olympics, had injuries, recoveries, potty training, have learned lots of new words (mostly babyNyLon) and enjoyed the freedom of roaming around in the warm weather. But we are loving the new cooler weather too. Our little miss is still obsessed with shoes, and in the recent cooler days has loved pointing out my shoes, boots and “lady-shoes”!

So for the last official day of summer, here’s a (face-less) photo wrap-up of babyNyLon over the last couple of months. They are all kind of similar, since the routine involves her running away while I give chase and simultaneously try to get her photo…

Rockin’ this summer’s fav fashions

She loves balancing on the wall on the right “WOW!”

Pensive at the park

Loves loves loves umbrellas

Little teenager on her phone

Playing with the baristas

She has a ball in the tram watching cars, trucks, buses, boats…

The grass on RI is like the village green aka the kids’ water cooler/hangout

Keeping a watchful eye on the wildlife; “Shoo! No, no, NO!”


Starbucks courtyard = one of our picture spots for daddyNyLon’s daily updates



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