Breakfast, NyLon style


Our day still starts shockingly early; 4:30-5 am; but our routine is changing a bit. We usually share a bagel at our friendly neighborhood Starbucks when they open at 6 am. But since babyNyLon recently started literally eating the salty Irish butter right out of the packet I’ve decided to cut back on this particular habit.

We now usually have “crackers and milk” (A.K.A. cereal) followed by fruit or juice. This is still about half of her daily dairy tolerance. Add a yoghurt later in the day and her little tummy can almost take it. But since the soy milk has been a non-starter so far, we’ll just keep taking it one bowl at a time.

We still stop at Starbucks for mommy’s coffee and a banana for babyNyLon (that will later be abandoned after one rejected bite, sometimes to be tried again later) and then hit the park. Although that too has been hit or miss, due to the scarily rowdy crew of squirrels loitering in the playground.


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