Mommy’s life of not-enough-time!

When checking twitter and my RSS feeder repeatedly for the non-existent new content, it occurred to me that I could create some of my own. But I’ve had a rather disappointing day so far due to 1) Starbucks not opening their doors to me at 6am and 2) the reappearance of one of my genetically-attributable flaws; the migraine. So I don’t really feel like coming up with much creative amusing stuff. But, I thought, I could actually write about my life a bit instead of babyNyLon. So here goes.

Lately I feel like I don’t have enough time at work, enough time with babyNyLon, enough time even talking to daddyNyLon,…etc. I actually have a lot of alone time right now, but without really finding any of it “free” time. I really can’t wait for our next visit to be with daddyNyLon in the UK. We’re going to see lots of people, have lots of time together, and maybe even some down time. I’ve gotten used to being on my own again now, but am really missing talking to and being with family. I think when it all gets so crazy and I don’t email or call in forever I give the impression that I’m too busy for my family and so they let me be. But in reality it’s kind of those times that I need them more. Maybe I need to get some kind of system going so that I remember to write. I realized a few days ago that I haven’t sent any birthday wishes, probably since January when daddyNyLon left! So when I saw that it was my MIL’s birthday yesterday I made sure to send a message…not sure how to make up for the ones I missed. Sorry peeps. I promise to try harder to write!

Ok. Hopefully the ibuprofen will allow me to finish the day strong now despite the aforementioned migraine. Lots to do and a certain toddler’s 18-month doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’m sure that the banter will be cheerier, more colourful, and possibly more intelligible after that!


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