Can you believe these are real feet?!


When babyNyLon and I saw these shoes in the Crocs store last weekend, I thought that they were really cute. They had a bit of a sale on, so I got them for her. We struggled in the mall, because she loved them so much that she wanted to wear them right away and I, a perpetually naive mommy outsmarted by my 1-year-old, tried to satiate her by suggesting she carry the drawstring bag…which she immediately figured out how to open.

Well, we eventually got home and she got to put on the shoes. She insisted on socks – a recent obsession. But the end result was as seen in this pic. When I looked at it later I thought it looked just like a doll’s feet. Adorable. 

Sadly, we took them for a spin outside and when she gets running one of them falls right off! So we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks and try again. Too many options are hard for her right now anyway. She’s become over invested in shoe choice. If I give her the wrong shoes or sock/shoe combo, or if I wear the wrong shoes, she starts saying “nooo-oooo!” and waving her finger at me! She may have to change her alias from babyNyLon to babyDiva!


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