Fathers’ Day part II; the daddiPod

So where was I? About to explain how I came up with our looong photo tour idea.

For Fathers’ Day I wanted to get daddyNyLon something that would help to make us feel more accessible. After a particularly frustrating week dealing with Skype issues It occurred to me that one of us already had an alternative; FaceTime. We originally bought iPods in 2009 to be able to Skype without a data contract and, for the most part, it worked well. But at that time we were ok with just audio, often reached each other at work, and didn’t have to fit in with babyNyLon’s needs. Anyway, long story long, our iPods didn’t have video but the new ones have video, FaceTime, and as I learned at the Apple store, the new retina display. All for a very reasonable price*. Sweet. So I decided to get the new “daddiPod” and to plan our photo tour to generate lots of new content to populate his PhotoStream.

*It should be noted that any price seems reasonable when it means daddyNyLon can see his baby girl more often and/or more clearly, and she can actually hear him!

We went all over NYC, aiming to hit up the most iconic landmarks and to dress babyNyLon roughly appropriately for each place. Like a cardi and bookbag for the NYP Library, and a pretty dress for the Plaza. We were out for 12 hours (not moving at light speed of course) but still missed a few of the major sights planned; for example we had to choose between Lady Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge/Law Courts/1PP, but maybe we can just say that we’re saving those for next time.

Here are some teasers:

20120622-121506.jpg Bright and early in Times Square

20120622-121538.jpg At the New York Public Library, up the big steps!

20120622-121559.jpg Outside The Plaza, near Central Park, looking pretty in her yellow dress and pink hat.

20120622-122039.jpg Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with the other hipsters

20120622-122112.jpg Playing with daddyNyLon in City Hall park

It was the perfect day to trudge around, as it was a bit cool, and actually babyNyLon napped while we had brunch in our favourite greasy spoon, the Ritz Diner. We should’ve taken a pic there too. Maybe next time…

By the way, I learned something by packing and rewashing all of babyNyLon’s fav clothes for the occasion; she still loves yellow!


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