Appreciating what we have

When we came to the conclusion that another brief separation was the only way to play our cards (and by brief, I mean way too long), I was worried about daycare. We are very fortunate to have a great daycare in our building, but I had the notion that kids in full time daycare were somehow suffering. While this might be true of some daycares, I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn in our case. Not only did we get past the crying-at-the-door (babyNyLon in public, and mommyNyLon in private!) but I’ve come to appreciate what a blessing it is for her to play with friends her own age all day and to be educated by early-childhood development experts! So much so that when I’m blue and thinking of giving up, I just have to think about what it would mean to her if I took her away from daycare, and I pull up my mopey bottom lip and dig back in.

Today I dropped her off early so I could finish the laundry before work. While upstairs I had the window open and I heard kids squealing. I looked out the window to see babyNyLon running around with her friends, flailing her arms and laughing with all of them in a giddy frenzy. I would’ve loved to be there too, but for now this is the best possible outcome for us. And who could ask for anything more than knowing your little one is so happy that you can hear her laughing seven floors up?!


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