Keeping cool

It’s been crazy hot here over the last few days. Humid, with a touch of disgusting! But that doesn’t slow us down one bit! There are places to go and things to see, even when the park play structure is too hot to play on!


And while the early morning walks are generally not a bad temperature, we had a long weekend and poor babyNyLon had a sweaty head for most of it. She kept showing me her belly button and/or asking if I could take her shirt off. We had fun playing with her watering can outside and transferring water to and from the bucket. All the while washing our sunscreen off, of course. But it didn’t matter too much because after 20 min outside in the shade her little cheeks were red from the heat. No question that she has her daddy’s constitution!


Thankfully the water keeps a bit of a breeze on the island and babyNyLon is always keen to look for moving things and animals; boats, buses, squirrels, birds!!!


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