“MmmDaDa”, she taunts.

Just when babyNyLon was getting the hang of calling me “Mommy!” she seems to have also learned how valuable a tool it is! She clearly knows that I can be identified as MaMa/Mommy/Mom, but chooses her moments carefully. Like when trying to impress Daddy at the zoo, or when showing off in front of her friends at the park, or even in front of her teacher this morning at daycare! And as always, when she wants out of the crib. But when it’s just me and her, and we’re hanging out, she still calls me DaDa. Yesterday I was trying to persuade her “Not dada; I’m Mommy! Can you say Mommy?!”. To which she replied “Mmm…DaDa!”. Twice.


I keep saying that she has the perfect personality to be a big sister. No, people, nothing in the works. But can’t you just imagine the taunting and manipulating she will inflict of given the chance?! Poor younger NyLon…


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