On a roll…

While two posts in a week might sound exciting, I’m keeping you all wanting more by making this one short and boring sweet.


So babyNyLon (fast outgrowing her title!) is regularly sleeping through the nights now but remains an early riser. We get up at 4:30 or 5 and play/get ready and wait for the sun to come up before going outside to chase squirrels and birds.

Then we come back in through the back door of our building and chase the ball through the halls, where the excited squeals don’t wake the neighbours! (Because it’s still only 6:45! Ok, sometimes later but it depends on the day.)


By then she’s tired again, but it’s too late for nap. Result? Poor babyNyLon often falls asleep eating her lunch at daycare! I keep hoping she’ll start sleeping a bit longer on her own. She woke at 5:10 today; progress!


One response to “On a roll…

  1. I feel so much sympathy for you having to get up so early. Could LO go to bed slightly later in the evening? I bet you are first at Starbucks every morning.

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