Uh…sorry. Here’s a fun one.

Ok, so it’s been a ridiculously long time since I blogged. But you can forgive me since I’ve been living the life (partly) of a single parent. Thanks to my work/supervisor, daddy NyLon is back in London and I’m holding down the 600 sq ft NYC fort. I am currently wrangling baby NyLon myself to and from daycare, London, etc… It keeps me super busy. But I thought at least one person would like to read a list of vocabulary from baby NyLon, an idea I got from Camp Patton (a super funny blog I subscribe to and highly recommend, especially to mommies).

Ok, so here goes. At 15 mo:
Mommy – mama (please give me something) or dada (in a picture)
Daddy – dada or daddy or DAD! (on computer)
Nana- nana
Papa- babar
Hello- hello
Bye bye- bye bye
Oliver (stuffed toy)- ai-ver
Duck- da-da
Dog- da-da
Potato- (p)tayto
Bagel- baygo
Cracker- cacker
More- more*
Some- more
Water- more
Please- more or (occasionally) psss
All done- ay don
Yellow- ye-yo
Green (occasional)- geen
Blue (occasional)- bu
Shoes- shush
Ball- ball*
One- un
Two- choo
Three- ee
Yes- ya* or Yaaaaa!
No- no, no-no (finger wagging) or NO!*
Hi birdie- hi ba*
Hi squirrel- hi ba
Hi doggie- hi da
Starbucks- sar ba
Nose- no(s)!
Eyes- nos
Mouth- nos or ma
Toes- tos
Bath- ba
Diaper- di-ber
Goodnight- na (waving)

*current faves/most likely to be heard

There are probably more but those are the main ones. I’ll have to try to update as her repertoire grows 🙂


4 responses to “Uh…sorry. Here’s a fun one.

  1. Ha!!!! Yay. Love this.

    Aren’t kids so weird? And funny?

  2. Ps

    Love that Starbucks was included. Julia isn’t cultured enough!!

    • Thanks! Yes, she really is a big city girl!
      I love reading/seeing pics of J and S on your blog; laughed so hard at the “Does she ever smile?” post…
      And thanks for coming over! Maybe someday I’ll have more frequent posts, but for now I live vicariously watching your blog!

  3. Just love reading about babynylon. I hope we get to see her (and you) soon. Loving the pics on line. Praying that your work is going well. Gxx

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