NyLons heart Starbucks

As I sit in Starbucks looking at my sleeping girl, I wonder if there is anything more beautiful in the world. I doubt it; not to me, anyway.
Sometimes I think we spend far too much time here. After all, I don’t know anyone else whose first word was “Starbucks”, or whose favourite toys are green straws and paper pastry bags!
Yesterday babyNyLon injured herself for the first time, and of course it was at Starbucks. She was standing at the coffee table and fell to her bum – usually not a biggie but she bit her tongue with those sharp little teeth! It bled and with the saliva mixed in it looked like a lot. I went running out in a panic. I was right behind her ready to catch her but I often let her tumble; how else will she learn? In retrospect I thought I should’ve caught her but she fell away from me so in reality by trying to catch her I might’ve just pushed her into the table. The first of many knocks I’m sure.
When I came into Starbucks this morning, the barista that was here yesterday saw her sleeping and asked if she was ok after her tumble. She said they’d been worried about her. Funny, I’d considered coming in to tell them she was ok but never did. It makes such a difference when the staff connect with you. I mean, you come in every day so somehow it feels like a personal slight if they don’t! So thanks to our server! I don’t know her name but I think I’d better ask next time 🙂


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