Teeth, trees, and foods!

babyNyLon and I are in a new and very fun morning routine.

Since about a month ago, when she started to cut her first teeth (she has two now, at only 5 1/2 months!) we’ve had continued trouble with the bottle. As in, she doesn’t want it at all. I’m about the most fortunate working mommy there is though, as I get to see her for lunch every day. I feed her in the lactation room at work, and she goes the rest of the day (5-7 hrs) without anything else, even though daddyNyLon tries her with a bottle every day. Stubborn girl!

So we finally started introducing solid foods. Most pediatricians recommend introducing them somewhere between 4-6 months, depending on the baby and their interest in foods, etc. While exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months is beneficial, so is starting solids; not for the nutrition, but for the practice, and for developing the muscles used in speech. We’ve been feeding babyNyLon foods for a couple of weeks now and she doesn’t usually get more than a teaspoon (5 mL) or two down yet (3/4 of which is breastmilk anyway). But she is talking up a storm! Anyway, she was staring hard at our food anytime we ate so I started by giving her a cup and spoon and bowl in her chair to play with while we had dinner. She loved it! Then we started with foods in the morning. The idea there being that if she is to have a reaction we’ll see it through the day, instead of letting it go all night before we notice. Her first food was sweet potato. It was a big cute orange mess, of course!

So now our morning routine consists of an early morning wake up (sometime between 5 and 6 am), followed by a bit of playtime in the bedroom and a diaper change. Usually babyNyLon starts to exercise her lungs and since daddyNyLon is still sleeping we go out to the living room to say good morning to all of our friends (except Sophie, who gets a “bonjour!”). We have a bit of breakfast somewhere in there, and then get ready for our morning walk. Along the way we admire all of the beautiful trees, which always make her smile. She helps me to do my exercises when we reach the right spot (squats and lunges with enthusiastic counting), and then we head back home. Sometimes babyNyLon falls asleep on the way home and naps for about 40 minutes. But she doesn’t like it much when she falls asleep outside and wakes up inside, so she usually has a re-take on the waking up by falling asleep again with the pre-work feed and then waking up giggly when I try to put her into her crib! If I have time before work I help feed her the new solid food in her bumbo, and then it’s time to go. If I’m really having a good day I get an escort from babyNyLon and daddyNyLon 🙂

Morning is really my best time with babyNyLon. And even though he sleeps later than us, daddyNyLon is instrumental in my getting this special time with her. He makes the coffee and often my breakfast too. It’s the only way I can get through the day 🙂


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